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Amy has been writing songs for over 25 years. Not trapped in a certain genre, nor taking her cues from popular radio, she writes with honesty, mystery and abandon. 

She is working with her friend and guitarist, Sean Johnson, an deeply intuitive instrumentalist and amazing guitarist. He is also an incredible artist, you can find some of his work on Instagram: Shadowbox71. 

Creativity is paramount to Amy and Sean's sound. Their melodic freedom will draw you in, leaving you wanting more. Together they are bringing Amy's songs to life in the studio.  



In the late 80's, Amy won the Miss Apopka Scholarship pageant with singing as her Talent. 








She grew up singing in church and in her High School. In her early 20's, she was chosen to be in the College Ensemble at First Baptist of Orlando.

Amy went on to lead worship for 18 years in a church that she and her husband, Brent, helped to found. 

Amy wrote many of the songs her church used for worship, and helped head up two bands: an all-female Folk/Rock band and a dynamic Christian band, both with multiple song-writers and singers.





She is also no stranger to the "new" concept of the House Concert. She says it is not as new a concept as folks would think. Her favorite way to share her songs is in an intimate setting, where she can truly interact with her audiences. 








Contact Amy via email for details on how you can book your very own House Concert, Family Event,  Corporate Event. Specify whether you want a Folk/Rock concert or a Worship concert. 

For booking information email:  




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